CEO Report to Board of Directors – How to Create It?

In this article, we will take a look at the question of ceo report to board of directors template, including in the field of strategy, control, and reporting, appointments and remuneration of members of the company’s management bodies and key executives, corporate governance, and social responsibility.

What Should the CEO Report Template Cover?

It is recommended that the CEO report of the board of directors maintain constant contacts with other bodies and officials of the company in order to timely obtain the most complete and reliable information necessary for the board of directors to make decisions. The request to convene an extraordinary CEO report of the Board of Directors may contain draft decisions on the proposed issues on the agenda of the meeting and must be signed by the initiator of the convocation or his representative. The initiator of the CEO report of the Board of Directors has the right to attach to the request materials the items on the agenda of the meeting.

The main components of the CEO report are:

  1. Top of Mind for CEO- what’s keeping them awake at night.
  2. Recognition and observance of the legal rights and interests of all workers.
  3. CEO Summary (setting the scene for the board in a few sentences).
  4. Additional Metrics.
  5. Objectivity, transparency, and timeliness of disclosure of reliable information on all material aspects of activities.
  6. Big Wins & Learnings.

The company includes board papers received from participation in the authorized capital of other organizations as income from ordinary activities; income related to the sale of shares in joint-stock companies; income related to the disposal of shares in the authorized capital of other organizations. The board of directors organizes the development of the work plan of the board of directors, control over the implementation of decisions of the board of directors, formation of the agenda of meetings of the board of directors, development of the most effective decisions on agenda items and, if necessary, free discussion of these issues, as well as a constructive atmosphere for holding meetings.

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The Connection between Corporate Governance, Board Papers and CEO Report of Board Directors

The prerequisites for CEO report to the Board of Directors template standards are:

  • understanding the impossibility of solving all the problems that exist in the field of corporate governance exclusively at the level of national legislation and the need to resolve them through self-regulation and the introduction of ethical standards;
  • the perception of proper corporate governance as an important factor in national development and a necessary requirement for the existence of joint-stock companies in an internationally competitive environment.

The provisions of the Board of Directors template are not generally binding and are applied by joint-stock companies on a voluntary basis. The standards are more aimed at increasing the investment attractiveness and optimizing the management of joint-stock companies entering the capital markets; they can equally be applied by any other business company. It is recommended that the company’s internal documents provide for the obligation of the chairman of the board of directors to take all necessary measures to provide members of the board of directors with the information necessary for making decisions on agenda items in a timely manner, to take the initiative in formulating draft decisions on the issues under consideration.